“I just love spending time with kids.  Their excitement and curiosity are energizing.  
Helping them develop the skills to express their ideas is like letting the genie out of the bottle… get them started and just stand back.  
Their accomplishments are amazing!”

Classes are casual, friendly, and remarkable for their success in introducing drawing tools and developing skill in their use. We explore color, perspective, value, composition, and art history. Even the youngest students quickly grasp basic concepts. Monday classes are specifically geared toward home schooled students with a focus on curriculum and subject related projects integrated into art lesson plans. Teens are geared toward more involved, intricate projects. For them, a logical approach to perspective and proportion are essential; making realistic drawings from photo references introduces them to factors and scaling necessary for accurate results; and study of color theory is, of course, a part of learning to paint. Artistic media explored are water color, pastel, acrylic,and colored pencils as well as graphite. All students are encouraged to bring ideas and projects related to school assignments. Artwork not only gives another dimension to the learning process, it often adds a couple of extra credit points.
To see more student artwork visit our blog... www.kidsartpoulsbo.blogspot.com

With over forty years of art and sewing experience Barbara Schultz still looks for classes to take and new ideas to try. 
Her education includes Western Washington University, Seattle Pacific University, 
New York Fashion Academy, Liberty Bay Art School, and numerous community college courses
 as well as classes at quilt shops nationwide.  She has studied with internationally known teachers 
 including Cynthia Tyrrell, Terry Madden, Jerry Yarnell, Sue Scheewe, Libby Lehman, and Lura Swartz-Smith.
A look into her art portfolio reveals dozens of graphite renderings (including both human and 
animal portraits) as well as stunning pastels, detailed pen and ink drawings, watercolors, and full room murals.

Barb’s teaching background includes eight years instructing children’s art classes at Liberty Bay Art School
and sewing and quilting classes for both adults and children at several local quilt shops.  She volunteers 
regularly as a 4H art/sewing consultant in the local area and is a certified 4H judge.

Her sewing experience includes wedding gowns and special occasion dresses; period clothing for 
western reenactment; theatre costumes; suits, sport coats and skiwear; drapes and slipcovers.   
Her award winning quilts include portraits and landscapes, as well as traditional piecing and appliqué.

Barbara also creates and publishes quilting and sewing patterns that are distributed nationwide.