Quilter's Tool Tote     Price $9.00

Finished Size:  Approximately  20 x 27
Shoulder length handles

Designed to hold an 18 x 24 cutting mat as well as assorted rulers
and cutting equipment, this tote is the perfect accessory for attending classes
and retreats.  Pockets accommodate an 8 1/2x 24 1/2 quilters ruler, space for
patterns & projects, and a see-thru, tightly closing pocket so you can quickly
spot those little gadgets that easily get lost.

No sewing room or personal sewing space? 
Hang this tote using a wreath holder on the back of any door. 
Wow!  Storage where there isn't any!
Heck, it's so cute, hang it on the front of the door and call it art!

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