57"x 72" 

Price: $9.00

This clever design is created with simple eight inch blocks consisting of three sections: a 4½” square with corner triangles, a four patch with squares and a four patch with rectangles. Rotate the blocks any direction to create a random or organized design flow. Why call it “S’mores”? The rectangle 4 patch is the graham cracker, the square four patch is the chocolate, the square with corner triangles is the marshmallow…Yum!

Additional Options
This version substituted several of the patchwork blocks with 
squares cut from large scale print and wildlife panels.

Sand Dollars and Beach Glass
Fabric the colors of Pacific Norwest sand, driftwood and beach glass
inspired this quilt.  The machine quilting design in each octagon is
the marking on a sand dollar,and remaining design lines are
reminiscent of moving water in tide pools.